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Foundation participates in the launch of the Network of Leaders "Convergence for Action"

Leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean meet this week in three major working days: for early childhood, clean air and migration, organized as part of the Launch of the Leaders Network: "Convergence for Action", which They will take place from March 11 to 13 in Santiago de Chile.

For Peru, our manager of the Baltazar and Nicolás Foundation, Rommy Ríos, along with leaders of institutions also dedicated to early childhood, members of COPERA such as SUMBI and the SUMA Network are participating.

This initiative, which brings together more than 70 leaders from 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean from the political, academic, communications, and civil society spheres, aims to collaborate so that the countries and governments of Latin America and the Caribbean prioritize early childhood development in a context where the climate and migration crisis are particularly affecting our region.

The organizers point out that taking into account that Latin America and the Caribbean are currently one of the most unequal and violent regions on the planet, in which the youngest girls and boys are the most affected groups, the Network seeks to raise community awareness and generate a true political and social commitment that reflects concrete changes in policies and behavior of people at different levels (families, communities, political and technical authorities).

In this way, the leaders of the Network will assume the political commitment so that by 2030 the three following goals are met:
• That the quality of life and the rights of girls and boys be the measure of the well-being of the countries.
• That boys and girls can enjoy pollution-free air
• That the rights of migrant children have no borders.

We must remember that Convergence for Action is a network for early childhood in Latin America and the Caribbean, an initiative managed by the Fundación Horizonte Ciudadano de Chile, a non-profit organization founded by former President Michelle Bachelet Jeria; with the collaboration of two European philanthropic agencies specialized in early childhood: Bernard van Leer Foundation and Children 's Fund Foundation.

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