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Un mundo familiar fortalecido

A strengthened family world

The world is going through a complex moment. In Colombia, each family experiences unique circumstances of home confinement, limitation of freedom of movement ...

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¡Atención! Conoce cómo debe ser la atención odontológica en niños durante pandemia

Attention! Learn how dental care should be in children during a pandemic

The Ministry of Health virtually trained around 350 pediatric dentists from Lima and regions, who were given specific recommendations to keep in ...

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¡Más protegidos! Vacunan contra influenza y neumococo a 11,000 personas vulnerables

More protected! 11,000 vulnerable people vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcus

To date, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) vaccinated 11,483 vulnerable people against influenza and pneumococcus ...

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Coronavirus: 85 millones de niños corren riesgo de violencia física, psicológica y sexual

Coronavirus: 85 million children are at risk of physical, psychological and sexual violence

The effects of abiding quarantine in various countries around the world to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have also…

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Tips para garantizar las salidas seguras de niños y adolescentes

Tips to guarantee the safe exits of children and adolescents

Minsa together with various institutions launches 'Digital Kit for a safe exit'. Remember that leaving minors is an option in which parents and guardians ...

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MIMP recomienda a las familias de todo el país mantener una convivencia responsable y afectiva

MIMP recommends families across the country to maintain a responsible and emotional coexistence

The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) greets all families in the country, on the International Day of…

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El retorno de los niños a las calles: una libertad con condiciones

The return of children to the streets: a freedom with conditions

Mateo is six years old, lives in San Miguel and is ready to leave home tomorrow. His parents have explained that it will not be a usual walk: he will have to stay ...

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La buena nutrición es clave para la salud emocional de los niños

Good nutrition is key to children's emotional health

Various studies have observed in recent years that children with poor nutrition are more likely to experience behavior problems ...

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Hoy, más que nunca, la primera infancia está en manos de las familias

Today, more than ever, early childhood is in the hands of families

Much has been said in recent decades about the importance of early education as the foundation of learning and development throughout ...

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La infancia confinada reclama su papel en la pandemia más allá de «aguantar, resistir y portarse bien»

The confined childhood claims its role in the pandemic beyond "enduring, resisting and behaving well"

"I am concerned that my parents do not have enough money to get through this, that they are out of a job and unable to see for ...

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Embarazo saludable

Healthy pregnancy

The arrival of a baby is wonderful news; however, learning that you are pregnant in this health emergency can cause you many fears and concerns ...

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Saludan medida que permitirá salida supervisada de niños y adolescentes en cuarentena

They welcome measure that will allow supervised exit of children and adolescents in quarantine

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) welcomed the measure announced today by President Martín…

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Actividades para sacar el lado más creativo de los bebés

Activities to bring out the most creative side of babies

Although they will probably be one of the few who in the future will not remember how they were confined, babies can also take advantage of these days at home ...

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Diez pasos para mejorar el sueño de las niñas y niños en esta cuarentena

Ten steps to improve the sleep of girls and boys in this quarantine

This quarantine is having some effects on the little ones in the house. Insomnia is one of them. Although it is not a magic recipe ...

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No desesperes: el aburrimiento de tu niño o niña es clave para su desarrollo

Do not despair: your child's boredom is key to their development

The fact that the entire country is in quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, has been almost an explosive cocktail for many parents.

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Ya puedes programar vacunación para niños y adultos mayores

You can now schedule vaccination for children and older adults

Due to the quarantine by COVID-19, the vaccination plan for children and older adults was interrupted. Given this, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced that ...

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La protección de la infancia, el reto oculto de la pandemia a nivel mundial

Child protection, the hidden challenge of the global pandemic

The UN estimates that 99 percent of children live in countries or territories where movement restrictions have been adopted to contain the coronavirus ...

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Coronavirus: 10 tips para mejorar su relación familiar en tiempos de la cuarentena

Coronavirus: 10 tips to improve your family relationship in times of quarantine

The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (Mimp) suggests 10 tips for families to maintain a coexistence ...

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Minsa establecerá cronograma de vacunación cuando pase la cuarentena

Minsa will establish vaccination schedule when quarantine passes

Once compulsory social isolation has ended, due to the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) will execute an immunization schedule to complete the Scheme ...

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Coronavirus: las lecciones más grandes en esta cuarentena vienen de los más pequeños

Coronavirus: the biggest lessons in this quarantine come from the smallest

Curfew. For those of us who grew up in the eighties and nineties, that term was already beginning to feel distant ...

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