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La Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás y Latina Televisión lanzan la campaña “Familias con respeto y amor”

The Baltazar Foundation and Nicolás and Latina Televisión launch the “Families with respect and love” campaign

Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás, experts in early childhood development, Fundación Bernard Van Leer, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations…

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Compromiso con la calidad de vida y los derechos de niños y niñas

Commitment to the quality of life and the rights of boys and girls

From Wednesday the 11th to Friday the 13th of March, the Launch of the Leaders Network was held: "Convergence for Action: Leaders Network for a beginning with a future", an initiative that brings together more than 60 leaders from 17 ...

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Fundación participa en lanzamiento de la Red de Líderes “Convergencia para la Acción”

Foundation participates in the launch of the Network of Leaders "Convergence for Action"

Leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean meet this week in three major working days: for early childhood, clean air and migrations, organized as part of the Network Launch ...

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Día de la Mujer: Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás reitera su compromiso con las niñas e insta al Estado a frenar violencia

Women's Day: Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás reiterates its commitment to girls and urges the State to stop violence

On the eve of International Women's Day, the manager of the Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás, Rommy Ríos, greeted all the women in the country, especially mothers who are users of the Baltazar y Nicolás Children's Community Program.

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Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás y Escuela Toulouse Lautrec suscriben convenio a favor del Desarrollo Infantil

Baltazar and Nicolás Foundation and Toulouse Lautrec School sign an agreement in favor of Child Development

After a productive year of collaboration, the Baltazar y Nicolás Foundation and the Toulouse Lautrec School signed an inter-institutional collaboration agreement, the main objective of which is to join efforts to generate innovative projects with high social value in favor of the comprehensive development of our children in our country. country.

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Jornada de Integración CIB Baltazar y Sembrando Juntos

CIB Baltazar and Sowing Together Conference

This Friday, February 28, an Integration Conference between the CIB of the Fundación Baltazar and Nicolás and Sembrando Juntos was held at the Educational Institution of the Sembrando Juntos Association in Pachacútec, which aimed to strengthen the links between both institutions to continue with a joint work, aligned by early childhood in our country.

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Reducción de anemia en 3.4% durante 2019 es un avance, pero debemos “seguir en guardia”

Reduction of anemia in 3.4% during 2019 is an advance, but we must "stay on our guard"

The announcement made by the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Ariela Luna, about the reduction of anemia by 3.4% during 2019, is "good news for children" in Peru, said Rommy Ríos, Manager of the Foundation Baltazar and Nicolas.

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Reconocimiento al talento – Alianza estratégica entre la Fundación y la Escuela Toulouse Lautrec

Recognition of talent - Strategic alliance between the Foundation and the Toulouse Lautrec School

As part of the strategic alliance between the Foundation and the Toulouse Lautrec School, a special award ceremony was organized this Wednesday for students in the fields of Direction and Advertising Design, Graphic Design and Direction and Graphic Design. This event sought to recognize the most notable proposals […]

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Nuevo sitio Web de la Fundación Baltazar brinda acceso a lo mejor de sus publicaciones

New website of the Baltazar Foundation provides access to the best of its publications

Contributions are very useful for policy makers and other users The renewed web portal of the Foundation makes available to the public part of its outstanding research work and communication materials on issues related to Early Childhood Development (gestation until the first three years of lifetime). […]

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Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás propone extender descanso por maternidad y paternidad

Fundación Baltazar y Nicolás proposes to extend maternity and paternity rest

Maternal rest will go from 98 to 128 days, while paternity rest will increase from 10 to 30 days. Said measure, among others implemented by the institution, seeks to incorporate actions to promote Early Childhood Development (DIT).

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Alianza FAMILIAS AUNA-Fundación Baltazar cosecha sus primeros frutos y está logrando transformar vidas

Alliance FAMILIES AUNA-Fundación Baltazar reaps its first fruits and is managing to transform lives

The strategic alliance between the Baltazar and Nicolás Foundation with AUNA has been founded since 2015, the date on which community actions began to bring high-quality health services to the most vulnerable populations ...

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Prevenir la Anemia desde el primer año de vida es importante para garantizar los derechos y oportunidades de los niños

Preventing anemia from the first year of life is important to guarantee the rights and opportunities of children

The Baltazar y Nicolás Foundation joined the Campaign: "Zero Anemia Healthy Childhood", an initiative that brings together media such as Latina and Panamericana Televisión in association with the company AJE ...

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Realización de Feria lúdica para las comunidades de Jicamarca y Pachacútec por el VI Aniversario del Programa CIB

Carrying out of a fun fair for the communities of Jicamarca and Pachacútec for the VI Anniversary of the CIB Program

Lima, October 2019.- As part of the launch of the new identity of the Baltazar and Nicolás Foundation, this Sunday, October 20, we will develop a recreational-recreational fair, which will be open to communities ...

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